FDY is the abbreviation of Fully drawn yarn. The Chinese name is: Fully drawn yarn, which is a processing method after spinning. DTY is the abbreviation of Drawn-texturing yarn, and the Chinese name is: drawn-texturing yarn. The difference from FDY is that it has a false twisting process.

The so-called false twist is that the yarn is twisted in a certain direction during the subsequent processing, and the yarn is still straight when wound. But in a relaxed state, it will shrink and become fluffy. In the relaxed state, FDY does not shrink.

Here are the production steps of DTY and FDY polyester fiber spinning :

Macromolecular slices-become molten at high temperature-various drawing traction-fiber The detailed difference between DTY and FDY is that the different drawing speeds when the fibers are bundled lead to different processes. Here is also a kind of POY. DTY is a kind of textured yarn belonging to POY. POY passes through an overfeeding high temperature equipment. This produces a more curly DTY, so the DTY fabric will be softer and fluffy.