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Waterproof and Breathable Fabrics
Liquid-water Impermeability means the textile resists water penetration. Most commonly, the surface of this type of textile is coated with PU, PTFE, TPU, TPE or other materials.
Graphene Anti-mildew and Antibacterial Fabrics
When graphene is combined with ordinary textiles, while maintaining the basic performance of ordinary textiles, it has huge advantages such as low temperature far infrared, heat conduction, antistatic, wear resistance, and antibacterial.
DTY FDY Introduction
FDY is the abbreviation of Fully drawn yarn. The Chinese name is: Fully drawn yarn, which is a processing method after spinning. DTY is the abbreviation of Drawn-texturing yarn, and the Chinese name is: drawn-texturing yarn.
Characteristics of circular knitted fabric
Flexibility, breathability, comfort, obvious texture, flexible and variable variability
Spacer Fabric
Spacer fabric is a three-dimensional knitted fabric consisting of two separate knitted substrates which are joined together or kept apart by spacer yarns.
Mono Mesh Introduction
Mono-mesh is using Mono-filament to knit the fabric.
Mono mesh’s feature is strong and tough and sense of perspective.
We can use on the shoes upper or bag upper or curtain or chair upper.
Waterproof Fabrics
Using special bonding technology, the three layers of surface cloth, functional film and lining are combined, combining the elasticity and abrasion resistance of the surface cloth, the high performance of waterproof and moisture permeability of the film, and the warmth of the inner lining.