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The fashionable fabrics must be combined with fashion and functionality so that they can be worn comfortably and at the same time have functional protection, such as antibacterial deodorization and aesthetics, so that they can be worn during sports or leisure, and the fabrics can be worn not only during sports. It can be worn, but it becomes a type that can be selected when wearing.

This fabric must have the following particularities
1. Wear it without restraint
2. Has deodorant, antibacterial, and other effects
3. Moisture-wicking effect
4. Cool and comfortable to touch
5. UV resistant and washable

Wei Syun Company continues to be at the forefront of fashion and cooperates with spinning mills to use more diversified yarns, using colorful yarns, metro-star yarns, slub yarns, mélange yarn, etc., to make the fabrics more fashionable.