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Circular knit jacquard double-sided fabric with good air permeability and extension. Polyester fiber or nylon fiber can be used, elastic fiber can also be added to enhance elasticity and extension, and strong yarn or raw silk can be used to increase strength. Use softer yarns to increase the smoothness of the cloth surface, make the hand feel better, and have diversified combinations and applications.

The double-jersey jacquard machine of our company is 34 inches and 14 needles. It can weave the same pattern or pattern according to the needs of customers. It can be used in different fields and scopes so that the fabric has a variety of advantages.

 The company can provide customized needs, modify the yarn and jacquard patterns according to the patterns or concepts that customers want, and create unique design products.

 Since its establishment, the company has been committed to researching and developing new products, making products innovative and changing, diversified and internationalized, upholding high-quality and honest service as the fundamental management, and relying on years of development and manufacturing experience to provide specialized sports shoes for major brands of sports shoes. Cloth (shoe material), medical cloth, protective cloth, and new styles (plain cloth, Mono (monofilament) transparent cloth, plain sandwich, jacquard cloth, jacquard sandwich) are introduced from time to time, and the exclusive use of domestic and foreign manufacturers is accepted. Design styles and customized products are based on accurate delivery, good service, and refined products. For decades, all products are manufactured in Taiwan, and the quality is guaranteed. This has won the trust and support of many domestic and foreign customers.

Weaving a variety of pictures by computerized jacquard machines, with great variability; in addition to the function, but also makes the fabrics attractive.