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Industrial fabrics are fabrics produced for industrial purposes. They must have good tensile strength, wear resistance, and high strength to ensure higher efficiency, durability, and safety during use.
In addition, the knitted industrial fabrics produced by our company also have the characteristics of air permeability, which can provide a comfortable use experience while maintaining high strength.
Generally, technical fabrics are used in various industrial applications, such as: transportation, manufacturing, construction, security and other fields. Therefore, industrial fabrics are a very important material that plays a key role in ensuring the efficiency and safety of industrial production processes.
Industrial cloth usually has the following types:
Nylon cloth: waterproof, wear-resistant, and UV-resistant, commonly used in outdoor products, waterproof cloth, windproof cloth, etc.
Polyester cloth: wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and good air permeability, commonly used in plastic bags, moisture-proof cloth, sportswear, etc.
Polyester cloth: wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, easy to dye, commonly used in car seat cushions, windproof cloth, fireproof cloth, etc.
Blanket cloth: soft, comfortable, good heat retention, commonly used in blankets, sofa covers, etc.
Acrylic cloth: waterproof, windproof, and breathable, commonly used in outdoor tents, windbreakers, etc.
The selection of these industrial fabrics will vary due to the use, environment and other factors. Therefore, when choosing industrial fabrics, you need to consider your own needs and uses.