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Double Jersey Interlock Fabric with two layers of the jersey. Double knits tend to be firmer and more stable than other types of knits. double jersey interlock fabric has good air permeability and extension can use polyester fiber or nylon fiber, can also add elastic(spandex) fiber to enhance elasticity and extension, and can use strong yarn or Full drawn yarn(FDY)  to increase strength. It has diversified combination and application.

  • Interlock Fabric
  • Rib Fabric
  • Spacer Fabric
  • French Pique Fabric
  • Switzerland Pique Fabric
  • Lacoste Fabric
  • Full Milano Rib Fabric
  • Milano Rib Fabric
  • Half Milano Fabric
  • Full Cardigan Fabric
  • Half Cardigan Fabric
  • Interlock Pique Fabric
To create various appearances and functions by weaving all kinds of yarns with circular double knitting machines