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Professional Shoe Fabric Manufacturers

Choose the best shoe fabric to use in the shoe's upper, like sneakers and hiking shoes. Our fabrics had very nice physical testing and feature extension, abrasion, and tearing. You can choose all of the yarn and patterns below according to what you need. We are dependable shoe fabric manufacturers who listen customer-need. If you are looking for a suitable fabric for shoes or custom shoe fabric service, do not hesitate to send us your requirements.

The shoe fabric usually pays attention to lightness, thinness, breathability, wear resistance, tension, extension, etc. Since its establishment, Wei Syun has been innovating and developing shoe materials continuously, the purpose is to make knitted materials can be diversified in shoe materials. Application, not only the use of general knitting materials but also the application of different types of yarns, such as TPU yarns, MONO monofilament yarns, CODURA yarns, etc. better strength.

Based on the criteria you have listed, some of the best fabric options for shoe uppers include:

Nylon mesh - It is lightweight, breathable, and has good tear resistance.

Polyester mesh - It is also lightweight and breathable, and it provides good abrasion resistance.

Synthetic leather - It has good durability and offers a similar look to leather, making it a good option for fashion sneakers.

Neoprene - It is flexible and has good stretch, making it suitable for sport shoes.

TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) - It is a flexible and durable material that is often used for sport shoes, especially for hiking and trail running shoes, as it offers good water resistance and abrasion resistance.

MONO Monofilament yarns - It is a strong and durable material that is often used for high-performance shoes, such as running and hiking shoes, as it provides good stretch and stability.

CODURA Yarns - It is a heavy-duty material that is ideal for shoes that require extra durability, such as hiking and work shoes, as it offers good tear resistance and abrasion resistance.

Ultimately, the choice of the best fabric for shoes depends on the intended use and the desired aesthetic. If you have specific requirements, it would be best to consult with a shoe fabric manufacturer to find the best option for your needs.