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The jacquard spacer fabric can be knit with a thickness ranging from 2mm to 3mm. It has the characteristics of air permeability, heat insulation, and good flexibility on all sides. It can be woven in various patterns and has a variety of meshes.
Generally, sandwiches use the upper, middle, and lower structure to make the interweaving, with monofilament or multifilament knit in the middle layer, while the upper and lower layers use elastic fibers to make the fabric elastic and fluffy. Because the upper, middle, and lower layers are clearly distinguished, So it is also called sandwich cloth.
The jacquard spacer mesh can be changed on the fabric surface, jacquard the pattern, or made small holes (mesh) similar to the warp sandwich fabric, but the hand feel is much better than the warp sandwich. , So it can touch the skin and absorb moisture, so that the skin will not feel sultry, so it is also called "healthy cloth".
Sandwich cloth can be purchased to accelerate the discharge of body heat, sweat, and moisture through the siphoning effect, diffusion effect, and transmission effect, and the air can flow in the middle to form cooling, achieving dryness, cooling, heat conduction, comfort, and other effects.