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TPU yarn is directly made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer) fiber and then knitted to produce fabrics.
It can increase the strength of circular knitting fabric, and it can also be fabricated by thermoplastic processing.
TPU yarn is matched with jacquard so that the fabric also has the characteristics of wear resistance and high strength on the jacquard.
It can be hot melt, hot-molded, hot-pressed, and more different processing methods.
Our computerized jacquard machine is equipped with TPU hot-melt yarn, and the jacquard fabric can be manufactured with the effect of TPU thermoplasticity.
The fabric produced by TPU hot-melt yarn can be used for high-frequency or flat-plate hot pressing. It can be printed with LOGO or have a calendered leather effect. It has a variety of processing methods, and TPU can increase the physical properties of the fabric. Good wear resistance and does not let the extension disappear.
The TPU fabric itself has excellent water resistance, which can make the fabric have a water repellent effect.
Circular knit jacquard double-sided fabric with good air permeability and extension. Polyester fiber or nylon fiber can be used, elastic fiber can also be added to enhance elasticity and extension, and strong yarn or raw silk can be used to increase strength. Use softer yarns to increase the smoothness of the cloth surface, make the hand feel better, and have diversified combinations and applications.
The double-sided jacquard machine is 34 inches and 14 needles. It can weave the same pattern or pattern according to customer needs. It can be used in different fields and scopes, giving the fabric a variety of advantages.
The company can provide customized requirements, modify the yarn and jacquard patterns according to the patterns or concepts that customers want, and create unique design products.