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Monofilament (also known as fishing line) Mesh, with stiffness, toughness, lightness, and transparency.
Because monofilament has only one yarn, it is mechanically extruded by water-drawn yarn, so it has better strength than generally processed yarn.
Monofilament mesh fabric has good air permeability. It can be knit 100% monofilament mesh fabric or combined with other processed silk and elastic fibers to make the cloth surface different and special.
  • The material that can be used in shoes makes the shoes breathable and see-through.
  • Material suitable for curtains, allowing light to enter the room.
  • Can be applied to the material of the bag. Generally, the packaging materials are made of cheap plain-woven materials, so it feels cheap. The use of monofilament mesh fabirc gives the bag a luxurious feel.
  • Can be applied to furnishings, giving the home a luxurious feel.
  • It can be used in clothing, but the clothes have a different sense of high-level and are light and breathable.