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Monofilament (also known as fishing line) Mesh, with stiffness, toughness, lightness, and transparency.

Because monofilament has only one yarn, it is mechanically extruded by water-drawn yarn, so it has better strength than generally processed yarn.

Monofilament mesh fabric has good air permeability. It can be knit 100% monofilament mesh fabric or combined with other processed silk and elastic fibers to make the cloth surface different and special.

  • The material that can be used in shoes makes the shoes breathable and see-through.
  • Material suitable for curtains, allowing light to enter the room.
  • Material suitable for coaster fabric, the knitting fabric of batting makes the coaster absorbent, yet washable. You want homemade coasters to look good and pretty, but do not require too much effort to make. You should try our coaster fabrics materials!
  • Can be applied to the material of the bag. Generally, the packaging materials are made of cheap plain-woven materials, so it feels cheap. The use of monofilament mesh fabric gives the bag a luxurious feel.
  • Can be applied to furnishings, giving the home a luxurious feel.
  • It can be used in clothing, but the clothes have a different sense of high level and are light and breathable.

Mono-mesh is knitting the fabric using Monofilament. Mono mesh is powerful and solid, with see-through. There is no substitute for good air permeability, and it also has very good wear resistance and tensile strength. Can be used on shoes or bags or curtains or chair surfaces.

he meaning of monofilament that is a fishing line fiber, just a filament, which is different from ordinary processed silk or raw silk in that monofilament fiber refers to one filament. Generally processed yarn or raw yarn is composed of multiple monofilaments, and processed yarn is raw yarn (FDY) for false twisting process.

The monofilaments are all used from 50D to 300D. The thinner ones is using in the middle of the sandwich, while the thicker ones can be directly knit and used as fabrics. Because there is only one fiber, there is no capillary hole. The fabric woven by this fiber is very breathable and highly transparent, which can be used in products that want to show the effect of the bottom.