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Spacer fabrics, the thickness of which can be woven from 1mm to 5mm; breathable, heat-insulating, and four-way stretch.

The sandwich fabric(Spacer Fabric) is interwoven using the structure of the upper and lower parts of the fabric. It is also called sandwich cloth because of the obvious difference between the upper and lower layers.

Spacer fabric is a three-dimensional knitted fabric consisting of two separate knitted substrates that are joined together or kept apart by spacer yarns. First layer – hydrophilic nature Second layer – hygroscopic nature Spacer layer – mono or multifilament

These spacer fabrics are very suitable for use on protective gear and can also be used on the bag because the spacer fabric is very ventilated.

Spacer fabric can accelerate the discharge of body heat, sweat, and moisture through the siphoning effect, diffusion effect, and transmission effect, and the air can flow in the middle to form cooling, achieving dryness, cooling, heat conduction, comfort, and other effects.

The product can be use:
1. Bedding furniture: good ventilation and soft texture, suitable for mattresses, cushions, sofas, Japanese and Korean sleeping pads, and other household items. To
2 Automobile and locomotive accessories, automobile and locomotive seat covers, automobile interiors (door interior, automobile seats)
3. Hard hat liner
4. Outdoor work kits, luggage inner bags, back pockets, portables, pencil cases, office chairs, back cushions, etc.
5. Baby (push) car
6. Sports shoe materials (applicable to shoe materials, backpacks, sportswear mesh, sports goods, etc.)
(1) Thin three-dimensional nets are used in clothing, bag materials, hat materials, shoe materials... etc.
(2) High-thick three-dimensional nets are commonly used in automobile interior decoration, automobile and motorcycle seat cushions, breathable insoles, moisture-absorbing, drainage and breathable medical mattresses, cushions... etc.
(3) If combined with other composite materials, it can also produce weight-reducing composite materials such as building compartments, sound insulation boards, etc.
Product features & advantages:
1. Pressing is elastic, like a sponge, made of breathable material, soft and comfortable.
2. It can not only protect the skin from the pollution of liquid and particles, but also make the skin breathable.
3. Effectively prevent bacterial and fungal infections.
4. Light texture, convenient washing, and disinfection, anti-static.
5. Good resilience, cushion protection, easy to wash, and quick to dry.
6. Good heat and humidity comfort.

*We can produce the spacer fabric from your demand, the thickness between 1mm to 5mm, we can adjust the spandex and yarn, made the fabric has good at elongation and tensile.