Product No : M509
Product Description

  • Composition : 57% Polyester 43% CD-Poly
  • Width : 36 Inch ± 1" ; 91.5 ± 3 cm
  • Weight : 350 g/YD ; 420 GSM

Product Introduction

Circular knit single jersey fabric is a type of knit fabric that is produced using a circular knitting machine and is characterized by its good air permeability and stretchability. It is often made from polyester or nylon fibers and can be customized with the addition of elastic fibers to improve its elasticity and extensibility.

In addition, the combination of two color effects of polyester and nylon fibers, along with the use of monofilament fibers, can create a sense of perspective in the fabric. This combination also provides the fabric with good abrasion resistance, which makes it suitable for use in applications that require durability and sturdiness.

To further enhance the strength of the fabric, strong yarns or raw silk can be used during the manufacturing process. The versatility of circular knit single jersey fabric allows for a variety of combinations and applications, making it a popular choice for a range of products including clothing, home textiles, and industrial fabrics.