Product No : M581
Product Description

  • Composition : 100% Polyester
  • Width : 44 Inch ± 1" ; 112 ± 3 cm
  • Weight : 290 g/YD ; 285 GSM

Product Introduction
A specialized type of fabric that is designed for use in shoe materials. The fabric is highly abrasion-resistant and tension-resistant, which makes it well-suited for use in applications where the shoe will be subject to heavy wear and tear.
The use of strong and durable fibers in the fabric creates a surface that has a very strong material quality, which is important for maintaining the integrity and durability of the shoe. This fabric is often used as an outer layer for shoes, where it provides a protective layer that is resistant to abrasion, tears, and other types of damage.
Overall, this type of fabric is ideal for use in a wide range of shoe styles, including athletic shoes, work boots, and other types of footwear that require a high level of durability and strength. By providing a surface that is both abrasion-resistant and tension-resistant, this fabric can help to extend the life of the shoe and ensure that it remains in good condition even after extended use.