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Knitted circular knitted fabrics have the following characteristics, which are very advantageous for the usability of packaging materials:
High strength: Knitted circular knitted fabric has high strength and is suitable for making load-bearing packaging materials.
Abrasion resistance: The structure of circular knitting makes the fabric have high abrasion resistance and is not easy to wear.
Durability: The circular knitted fabric has high durability and is not easy to tear.
Tensile Resistance: Knitted circular knit fabrics have good tensile strength and are able to bear the weight of a large number of items.
LIGHTWEIGHT: Circular knit fabric is lightweight and won't add bulk to your bag.
Diversification: Knitted circular knitted fabrics can be designed according to customer needs and have high diversity.
Therefore, knitted circular knitted fabric is a kind of fabric suitable for packaging materials and has high applicability.